Someone In Just One Of David Dobriks Video Clips Alleges She Is Raped By A Member Of The Vlog Team In 2018

15 September

Someone In Just One Of David Dobriks Video Clips Alleges She Is Raped By A Member Of The Vlog Team In 2018

Someone In Just One Of David Dobriks Video Clips Alleges She Is Raped By A Member Of The Vlog Team In 2018

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By all profile, David Dobrik the most profitable YouTubers on the planet. A year ago, The Wall block Journal even crowned Dobrik “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon”. (Whatever meaning.) During crafting, the 24-year-old claims just about 19 million website subscribers to his YouTube channel, and is famously recognized for ‘The Vlog group’: a gaggle of buddies Dobrik enrolled to provide pleased with. There won’t be any adjust members, though the collection frequently features manufacturers Dom Zeglaitis, Jason Nash, Todd Nixon, Jeff Wittek, Nick Antonyan and Brandon Calvillo. (Mostly males, though girls like Trisha Paytas are active in the previous we are going to get back to the lady further).

But an expose circulated this extremely day by Insider has noted some unsettling claims about what might taking place behind the students’s “no-holds-barred, clicks-and-cash-fueled habits”. Someone referred to inside article from the pseudonym ‘Hannah’ advised the publishing that Vlog group affiliate Dominykas Zeglaitis (which additionally passes by title Durte Dom) sexually attacked them after she shot a YouTube video clip with the squad’s premises in 2018. At the time of the claimed harm, Hannah was a 20-year-old LA uni student. Here’s what we know until now.

“It actually was ruthless as soon as we went in”

Hannah taught Insider that in 2018 she became involved in a blog site after a couple of the woman close friends established emailing Zeglaitis on Instagram. Zeglaitis claimed he wanted to “hook upwards” together with them , which piqued several of this lady pal’s interests. (Zeglaitis ended up being allegedly going to get a ‘fivesome’, as David Dobrik has a tendency to confirm in interviews.) “students who’d seen Dobrik’s videos understood Zeglaitis played a character through the vlogs who had been a sex addict. The two didn’t know where in actuality the dynamics established and finished, and were not sure whether or not they happened to be truly said to be having sex with him that nights,” report Insider. In a DM to Dom, they apparently requested: “The gorgeous goods definitely won’t be in vlog, suitable?” to which Zeglaitis evidently responded “might need to take a pic simply program dave so they is convinced myself haha.” (possibly discussing David Dobrik.)

Hannah don’t really know what you need, but presumably accompanied six more women to visit the students at their residence. Insider stories that Hannah had no move the evening would perform out in the way that they has by leaving the girl with upheaval that last for many years in the future.

Hannah allegedly spoke of being unpleasant the moment she moved through the squad’s entrance. At one-point, as soon as acknowledging she weren’t aware anybody through the Vlog team manhood Nash answered: “Get the fuck completely!” to raucous fun off their members of the group contains Dobrik.

“I quickly appear truly uncomfortable because I happened to be under the impression that individuals were seeing see these awesome developers, we had been likely to chill, possibly shoot one thing,” Hannah informed Insider. “It has been questionable as soon as we all wandered in.”

A setting exactly where it felt like mentioning ‘no’ had not been okay.

Hannah and her pal whom seemingly went the girl to Dobrik’s home, Sarah, stated that right from the start, these people never ever wished to get crowd love with Zeglaitis. “It was greatly an environment where they decided claiming ‘no’ wasn’t OK,” Hannah said. “they felt like as soon as all of us come there clearly was an expectation people had been performing you a favor and then we had to let them have content material. These people were vocally, like, ‘What makesn’t you guys becoming a lot of fun? Take action type of hot.'”

Hannah reportedly seen objectified by environment, reporting that Zeglaitis expected if she wanted to be their “Instagram gf” and said she can certainly make $10k USD per week. She seemingly dropped the offer.

“I had been receiving actually afraid”

Insider documents that Zeglaitis grew to be progressively intense as the night continued, hence some members of the group purchased beer towards females, have been under California’s authorized consuming young age of 21.

At some point, Zeglaitis stated they planned to have a discussion with Hannah. When this bimbo arranged, the man directed this lady into a pitch-dark bed room just where Zeglaitis asked the woman that explains why she failed to like your. Zeglaitis reportedly need Hannah if they could “hook upward” that she claimed “no”. Hannah explained she tried to write home, and Zeglaitis hindered them leave with his entire body, stating: “one at minimum ought to give me a kiss.”

“I happened to be obtaining really frightened since he had not been permitting myself put, my pals had been in a completely different a section of the residence,” Hannah informed Insider. I happened to be, like, ‘What takes place easily keep on saying no?’ therefore i simply provided him or her a kiss.”

“Not a good situation”

Previous Vlog group manhood Trisha Paytas, who does have been in existence 30 once, it seems that seemed at night time. She taught Insider that this broad placed after about 45 mins because of every one of the underage taking, which “felt ridiculous” to the lady. She reportedly instructed Insider that the women got managed to get apparent the two didn’t want sexual intercourse with Zeglaitis.

“these people were, like, ‘Oh stool: we are below, but we really do not aim for sex,'” she presumably explained.